Monday – Friday: 10 am – 9 pm
Saturday + Sunday / Public holidays: 2 – 8 pm

Capacity: 30 seats

Wi-Fi in all areas of the Leica Gallery Café. 
We accept credit cards.

The café as well as the gallery can be rent for private or corporate events. 
Contact: Simona Leitmanová, Café Manager.

Leica Gallery Café is café related to the photographic gallery. Chamber space of the café is suitable for meeting, foreign language lesson or just pleasant meeting with friends. The interior of the café is completed by photographic exhibitions of young artists and large bookshop focused on photographic books.

We prepare from Italian quality coffee Cosmai Caffé various types of coffee ranging from espresso, cappuccino or caffe latte to eis caffe and frappe. Menu of our hot drinks completes a big selection of looses tea by Coccole company and natural thing is also tea from fresh ginger. Our specialities are Matcha té, Matcha latte and Chai latte. From our cold drinks we recommend homemade Leica lemonade, orange fresh juice or Bio homemade lemonades.

If you would like to taste a glass of wine, you can enjoy our quality Czech wine from Kubík winery or prime-quality French wine from Gayda winery. Not at least we recommend also our mixed drinks, above all Hugo Spritz, Aperol Spritz or Campari tonic. To see all beverages please folow this link.

If you are hungry during your stay in our café, you can choose from daily offer of cakes, homemade quiche or toasted panini with salad. You will find our menu here.


23. 11. 2016 – X. Y. 2017

The exhibition called Women Aloud by Adriana Cahová presents collection of 16 photographs. This set represents years of authors work consisting mostly of feminine faces and nudes. You can enjoy lyrical portraits with a touch of fairy tales or stop in front of louder and darker images taking you for a trip into the deepest secrets of your soul.

All works are handmade with usage of classical photographic materials, photographed on midsized format film and hand-printed in a dark-room.   

ADRIANA CAHOVÁ (*2.12.1979) 

At the age of 20, Adriana Cahová was the Model for a professional photographer. Wondering what lay at the other end of the lens, she awoke one morning, decided to buy a camera and began photographing the people around her.

Adriana's inspiration springs mostly from those whom she admires and loves, friends, family, and sometimes innocent passers-by. Her photographs range from lyrical portraiture to idiosyncratic fairy tale and fantasy either transposed to domestic settings or lost in realms of pure unfettered imagination. Emotional content is counterbalanced by an innate decency and conservatism, with a frequent dash of melodrama for good measure.

The author is not afraid to show deep and strong motions of human soul from passion and lust to depression and disintegration by displaying bodies or faces. Her preferred method of shooting is Classic (non-digital) using  Mid-Format Film.  All her black and white works are hand made in a classical dark room. Every print is an original. Adriana herself describes her work as follows: „I love people and I love to show their feeling merged with mine in one simple picture. Moreover I just need to create for my own inner calmness.“ 


2016    Acta Erotica, ABF Gallery, Prague
2016    Women Aloud, Kávovarna, Prague
2015    Cahowomen, Analogue Gallery, Prague
2013    Soulintrospect, Beton 7 Theatre, Athens, Greece
2012    Cahovsky Portrait and Cahowomen, Black Duck Gallery, Athens, Greece
2011    Cahowomen, Globe bookstore and café, Prague
2010    Cahowomen, Cultural Event Mixer, Belgrade, Serbia
2009    Cahovsky Portrait, Private Club Koníček, Lucerna, Prague
2009    Cahovsky Portrait, gallery of Municipal Library of Most, Most
2009    Cahowomen, The City Theatre Chomutov, Chomutov
2008    My Fairytales, Bookshop and café of Řehoř Samsa, Prague
2007    Muse Through Eyes of Muses, The State Opera, Prague

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