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ALŽBĚTA JUNGROVÁ - "IMAGINARIUM" Where we all are living

Alžběta works with the assumpiton that imagination is a basic part of our psychical activity. Each human being creates in its mind its own visions and pictures which are linked to past or future memories and situations. These pictures can be further changed, transformed or new imaginations can be established.

This photography collection originates from reality, but it works with surrealism of the ordinary things. Combination of reflections and mirroring create dreamy imaginary world that surrounds us.

All photos are for sale. For more information please contact Hana Klimentova.

Alzbeta started to take first pictures at elementary school. She graduated at Graphic School Prague Hellichova and then she worked for different publishing houses such as MF Dnes, Hospodářské noviny and Lidové noviny. In years 2000-2002 she lived in USA and London. At the beginning, she chose to work on a documentary and reportage because of her interest in life and destiny of regular people. In order to get her stories, she traveled around the world to the most remote areas and offen she got into risky situations. She struggled through the biggest disposal site in Cambodia, oil mud on Ship Breaker in Chittagong in Bangladesh, she took pictures of armed childern and civilian in Gaza Strip, drug addicts between Afghanistan and Pakistan border line or she spent many days with Indians of Nukak tribe in Columbian jungle. She received Certificate of recognition by Czech Press Photo for her reportage about drug addicts on the fronteries between Afghanistan and Pakistan. She won United Nations's High Commisioner for Refugees award for her series about children working in Peshavar in Pakistan and from Burmese refugee camp in Bangladesh.

At the moment, Alzbeta is a freelancer and is represented by one of the most prestigious agency in comercial photography, 4D Photo. She works on various documentary projects, prepares reportage photography on order, and makes advertisement, fashion story and portait pictures.

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