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Tomáš Vocelka | Geometry of a City
11| 04 – 18| 06| 2018

(As viewed by a photographer) 

“The idea that someone would invite the world’s best architects to make an amazing place from the dilapidated former Kladno steelworks that would attract people from all over the world to stroll there pleasantly sounds quite improbable.
However, such a grand vision was realized in Düsseldorf, Germany, in the area of the city’s former industrial docks. Thanks to courageous urban planning, the gloomy location on the Rhine River was transformed into a modern and very impressive neighborhood called Mediahafen.
Beyond the Rheinkniebrücke, the picturesque, gothic, historic center changes into a modern play of mass, lines and shapes. The neighborhood attracts architecture lovers from all over the world, but it is also a popular relaxation spot for the locals.
The world’s top architects, such as Frank Gehry, Fumihiko Maki, William Alsop and Steven Holl, participated in the transformation. Düsseldorf has become a model example followed by similar projects all over Germany.
When I was photographing, I focused on the geometry of the city, the architectural details and the colors which to a large extent contribute to the charm of the revitalized neighborhood. Among other things, when focusing on the details, I’m inspired by the 20th-century visual arts, for instance geometric abstraction and Color Field painting. In particular, I’m interested in working with contrasting colors and geometric shapes and putting them into their environmental context.
I’m also indirectly inspired by the work of the master of color photography, Franco Fontana, whose vision based on geometric compositions is very close to my own.”


Tomáš Vocelka
(1965) was born in Krnov and now lives in Kladno. He received a “commended” award at the prestigious 2017 Sony World Photography Awards. In the same year, he was a runner up in the Olympus Global Open Photo Contest. He was also a finalist in the international competition Travel Photographer of the Year 2016.
His photos have been published on the front page of the Spanish magazine National Geographic Viajes, in Magazín MF DNES, in the magazine of the Slovak edition of Hospodárske noviny, and others.
Tomáš Vocelka started photographing in the 1980s thanks to his father Vladimír. His subsequent teacher was the excellent Czech documentary photographer Gustav Aulehla. 
His career in the media (in 1993) began with photography. At first, he was an external photographer for the regional weekly Region; later, he also wrote and edited articles. His newspaper career took him to the post of editor-in-chief of the daily Mladá fronta DNES. His task was to set up the front page and he held this position for almost 12 years. Later, he was deputy editor-in-chief of this newspaper and headed the Víkend supplement. He is currently in charge of the Photo section at Magazin Aktuálně.c

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