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Capacity: 30 seats

Wi-Fi in all areas of the Leica Gallery Café. 
We accept credit cards.

The café as well as the gallery can be rent for private or corporate events. 
Contact: Simona Leitmanová, Café Manager.

Leica Gallery Café is café related to the photographic gallery. Chamber space of the café is suitable for meeting, foreign language lesson or just pleasant meeting with friends. The interior of the café is completed by photographic exhibitions of young artists and large bookshop focused on photographic books.

We prepare from Italian quality coffee Cosmai Caffé various types of coffee ranging from espresso, cappuccino or caffe latte to eis caffe and frappe. Menu of our hot drinks completes a big selection of looses tea by Coccole company and natural thing is also tea from fresh ginger. Our specialities are Matcha té, Matcha latte and Chai latte. From our cold drinks we recommend homemade Leica lemonade, orange fresh juice or Bio homemade lemonades.

If you would like to taste a glass of wine, you can enjoy our quality Czech wine from Kubík winery or prime-quality French wine from Gayda winery. Not at least we recommend also our mixed drinks, above all Hugo Spritz, Aperol Spritz or Campari tonic. To see all beverages please folow this link.

If you are hungry during your stay in our café, you can choose from daily offer of cakes, homemade quiche or toasted panini with salad. You will find our menu here.


Marek Musil | Backstage at Prague Fashion Week

30. 3. – 10. 5. 2017

The Catwalk – showcase for beauty and perfection

Like fantastic beings from another world, the models stride confidently down the walkway under the carefully angled spotlights. There’s applause for the most successful designers. In the front rows sit editors of fashion magazines and well-known personalities, behind them the enthralled audience. For some, the world of fashion is no more than a pretty distraction from everyday life. For others it’s a way of life.

But few of us have any idea what happens the moment the models disappear behind the curtain – in that place they emerged from to show off to the assembled fashionistas the latest collections by celebrated designers. Backstage – where all those who helped create such a stunning effect got to work long before the show started. The best designers, models, make-up artists and hairdressers who together produce perfection on the catwalk.

The idea for Marek’s project came by chance in 2011 when he went backstage after photographing a fashion show to say hello to friends and colleagues. A few unplanned clicks of the shutter turned into a project he pursued for several years, quietly observing the hectic behind-the-scenes activity that always precedes a fashion show. 

Marek has made a selection from material shot over seven years backstage at the prestigious Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion Week, which he now presents at the Leica Gallery Prague in partnership with the firm Fotoškoda, who provided printing facilities for the black-and-white images. This black-and-white view does not aim to shock, nor to glamorize. It watches without intruding, and documents with discreet and subtle artistry.

Marek Musil (b. 1974) is a contemporary Czech visual artist. As a fashion and commercial photographer he has developed a unique signature style that has inspired many advertising agencies. His tireless search for authentically striking images in his professional work naturally led him to art photography. 

A rebel with Moravian blood in his veins and a world-view shaped by his travels all over Europe, as well as to North Africa, the Middle East, Israel his beloved New York and indeed the whole USA, Marek now lives in Prague and photographs for most leading Czech fashion and lifestyle magazines and advertising agencies. Though firmly grounded in reality, he remains a rocker at heart, full of dreams and fantasies, slowly but surely satisfying his desire to hold fast the fleeting moment in all its authenticity and intensity.

Selected exhibitions

2012 - Prague Airport - solo exhibition Touch of Fashion

2014 - Pekařská Galerie, Brno - solo exhibition Pod vodou (Underwater)

2014 - Košice Kunsthalle - solo exhibition Touch of Fashion

2016 - Nikon Gallery, Prague - solo exhibition Dust and Light: the Burning Man Collection

The large-format photographs for the Leica Gallery Prague exhibition were created in partnership with the FotoŠkoda Centre.



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