Espresso 45
Espresso Lungo – espresso long 45
Espresso Doppio – espresso double shot 69
Espresso Macchiato – espresso with a dash of milk froth 7 49
Cappuccino – espresso with steamed milk and a layer of froth 7  54
Latte Macchiato – espresso in a well steamed milk 7 59
                           – with caramel or noisette flavour  69
Viennese Coffee – espresso long with whipped cream 7 59
Algerian Coffee – espresso with eggnog and whipped cream 3, 7 69
Ice Coffee – Espresso, Latte Macchiato, Frappé  7 54
Soya Milk 6  5
Espresso Tonic – espresso on ice with tonic   54
LEICA Lemonade with mint and cane sugar 0.4l  49
Homemade ORGANIC Sodas still or sparkling 0.3l  49
Lemonade with forest fruits, cane sugar and lime juice 0.4l  39
 – strawberry with mint, raspberry with basil, ginger, lemon,     39
   black currant, pink grapefruit, black elderberry
Ice Yogurt Shake with forest fruits 0.4l  7       45
Yogurt Shake 0.4l  7 39
 – banana, raspberry, strawberry, coconut, mango 
Fresh Juice – orange 0.2l 69
Water Carafe with mint and lemon 1L 30
Prosecco Serenissima Extra Dry 0.1l  12 45
Wine Spritz – red, white 0.2l  12  45
Mattoni sparkling, lightly sparkling 0.33l 36
Aquila still 0.33l 36
Soda 0.2l 18
Coca Cola, Coca Cola Light 0.33l 39
Tonic 0.25l 39
Juice 100% – orange, apple 0.2l 39
Pragomošt lemonade maté  0.33l  45
Pilsner Urquell 12° 0.5l  1 49
Birell Radegast non-alcoholic 0.5l  1 39
Pragomošt Cider 10° 0.33l  1 49
Beer Specialities – according to the daily offer  1
WINE   0,1l CZK
Sauvignon Blanc 2013 Gayda France 12  39
Syrah 2014 Gayda France 12 39
Rosé 2014 Mas Belles Eaux 12 39
Pinot Gris, classic, Kubík 2013 (CZ) 12 39
Zweigeltrebe, classic, Kubík  2012 (CZ)  12  39
Tea from fresh mint or fresh ginger 54
Loose tea: 50
Black - Darjeeling, Arancia, English Breakfast, Earl Grey Imperial 
Green - Bancha, Special Gunpowder, Limoncello, Mint, Ananas & Strawberry
Fruit - Wild Berries, Blueberry and Cherry, Peach and Apple, Alpine          
  Wind, Sweet Rose
Herbal - After Meal, Camomile or Sea Buckthorn Flower
Hot dark or white chocolate with whipped cream 3, 6, 7, 8  54
 – both also available with coconut flavour
Chai Latte – black tea blended with milk and spices 7 54
Matcha Latte – green tea with steamed milk 7 54
Martini Rosso, Bianco, Dry  0,1l  12  55
Campari Bitter 0,05l 55
Port wine red, white 0,05l  12 55
Baileys 0,04l  7 60
Becherovka 0,04l  60
Malibu 0,04l  8 60
Grand Marnier - 40% liqueur with orange flavour 0,04l 80
Metaxa 12* 0,04l  80
Martell V. S. 0,04l 80
Johnnie Walker Red Label 0,04l  1 60
Jim Beam 0,04l  1 60
Key Rum White 0,04l  1 60
Jameson 0,04l  1 70
Bombay 0,04l 70
Finlandia 0,04l 70
Aperol Spritz 0,2l  12 85
Hugo Spritz 0,2l 12 75
Coctails according to the daily offer 1, 12
All beverages are available for take-away | We accept credit cards 


Monday – Friday: 10 am – 9 pm
Saturday + Sunday / Public holidays: 2 – 8 pm

Capacity: 30 seats

Wi-Fi in all areas of the Leica Gallery Café. 
We accept credit cards.

The café as well as the gallery can be rent for private or corporate events. 
Contact: Simona Leitmanová, Café Manager.

Leica Gallery Café is café related to the photographic gallery. Chamber space of the café is suitable for meeting, foreign language lesson or just pleasant meeting with friends. The interior of the café is completed by photographic exhibitions of young artists and large bookshop focused on photographic books.

We prepare from Italian quality coffee Cosmai Caffé various types of coffee ranging from espresso, cappuccino or caffe latte to eis caffe and frappe. Menu of our hot drinks completes a big selection of looses tea by Coccole company and natural thing is also tea from fresh ginger. Our specialities are Matcha té, Matcha latte and Chai latte. From our cold drinks we recommend homemade Leica lemonade, orange fresh juice or Bio homemade lemonades.

If you would like to taste a glass of wine, you can enjoy our quality Czech wine from Kubík winery or prime-quality French wine from Gayda winery. Not at least we recommend also our mixed drinks, above all Hugo Spritz, Aperol Spritz or Campari tonic. To see all beverages please folow this link.

If you are hungry during your stay in our café, you can choose from daily offer of cakes, homemade quiche or toasted panini with salad. You will find our menu here.


HOMAGE TO EVA FUKA | 90th Celebration

In Memoriam 1927–2017

21|09 – 31|10| 2017



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