Toast with small salad – ham & cheese / double cheese  CZK 49
Toasted panini with small salad CZK 75
– ham, emmental cheese 
– chicken, blue cheese 
– beef minced meat, cheddar cheese 
– mozzarella, tomatoes 
Quiche with small salad – according to the daily offer CZK 80
Olives green or black CZK 45
Mix of nuts according to the daily offer 
Desserts and cakes according to the daily offer  

We accept credit cards.
Menu effective from June 15th, 2015.


Monday – Friday: 10 am – 9 pm
Saturday + Sunday / Public holidays: 2 – 8 pm

Capacity: 30 seats

Wi-Fi in all areas of the Leica Gallery Café. 
We accept credit cards.

The café as well as the gallery can be rent for private or corporate events. 
Contact: Simona Leitmanová, Café Manager.

Leica Gallery Café is café related to the photographic gallery. Chamber space of the café is suitable for meeting, foreign language lesson or just pleasant meeting with friends. The interior of the café is completed by photographic exhibitions of young artists and large bookshop focused on photographic books.

We prepare from Italian quality coffee Cosmai Caffé various types of coffee ranging from espresso, cappuccino or caffe latte to eis caffe and frappe. Menu of our hot drinks completes a big selection of looses tea by Coccole company and natural thing is also tea from fresh ginger. Our specialities are Matcha té, Matcha latte and Chai latte. From our cold drinks we recommend homemade Leica lemonade, orange fresh juice or Bio homemade lemonades.

If you would like to taste a glass of wine, you can enjoy our quality Czech wine from Kubík winery or prime-quality French wine from Gayda winery. Not at least we recommend also our mixed drinks, above all Hugo Spritz, Aperol Spritz or Campari tonic. To see all beverages please folow this link.

If you are hungry during your stay in our café, you can choose from daily offer of cakes, homemade quiche or toasted panini with salad. You will find our menu here.


Tereza from Davle | Alsa RUNES 2018
01| 11| 2017 – 07| 01| 2018

We are presenting an exhibition of photographs that were created to assist, to increase awareness, and to fight helplessness. The exhibition consists of behind-the-scenes photographs and the actual photographs from the unique Alsa RUNES 2018 charity calendar.

In the calendar photographs, gestures depict runes related to the topic of ALS. Tereza z Davle composed everything in a cold, raw, industrial space that reflects the difficult topic of ALS as well as the emotions shown by the individual personalities: Jenovéfa Boková – HELPLESSNESS / Daniela Písařovicová – COMMUNICATION / Stanislav Majer – TRUST / Patricie Solaříková – LOVE / Táňa Medvecká – HOPE / Thom Artway – SUPPORT / Tomáš Jeřábek – FRIENDSHIP / David Kraus – DETERMINATION / Tonya Graves – FIGHTER / Jana Plodková – PATRON / Linda Bartošová – THE PRESENT / Pavel Batěk – STRENGTH / David Prachař – PERSONALITY. The concept was created by Renee Vidourková.

Spolek ALSA is an organisation which brings together patients suffering from ALS and professionals interested in the disease. The project implemented by this organisation is unique in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Its mission is to help patients through advice, consultation on suitable therapies, the establishment of medical-aid rental, therapeutic stays, home visits by specialists, and more. The project’s largest objective is to create a specialised centre for these patients as is the case in other countries.

ALS, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, is a degenerative neurological disease that causes gradual loss of the cells that control muscle movement. The affected individuals gradually lose all body movement, with eye movement remaining as the last. This all takes place with full psychological and mental abilities intact. The exact cause of this disease is not yet known, but it can affect anyone; the survival time is three to five years from diagnosis. The prevalence of the disease in the Czech Republic is estimated at six to eight cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

If you have decided to join our fight against helplessness, please support us by purchasing the charity calendar at Leica Gallery, on our website, or in the Neoluxor bookstore chain. You can also help with a one-off DMS by sending “DMS ALS” or “DMS ROK ALS” to 87 777.


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