Eva Fuka | Fabulation

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The bilingual monograph on Eva Fuka, 20th century photographer legend, presents her whole life and work. The book is not intended to be flatly reporting and descriptive. Its character corresponds to the character of the Eva Fuka‘s creation. She worked with photographs not only in traditional way but also as a medium, which provides infinite numbers of opportunities - collages, multiplages, overlays...
The book includes extensive quotations by Eva Fuka herself, but also by Emanuel Frynta, Jiří Kolář and other artists who co-operated with the author and who influenced each other.

Brief biography:
The Czech-born photographer Eva Fuka (1927–2015) was oriented towards the arts early on by the work of her mother, a writer, and her father, a painter. After the Second World War Fuka followed on from the ideas of the Avant-garde, which had been driven underground by the Nazi and Communist regimes. As an Academy-trained painter who took photographs, she shared many of the intellectual pursuits of her first husband Vladimír Fuka. Initially they were close to artists continuing the work of the Skupina 42, then in 1967 they emigrated to the United States. Thanks to her ever-vivid imagination Eva Fuka has profited even in her later work from the freshness of her direct observations. Because she makes the familiar strange by adding a sense of the absurd to raw inspiration, her work remains compelling.

1st Prize - The Best Photography Book from Central and Eastern Europe (2013–2014)
2nd Prize - The Most Beautiful Czech Book Awards 2013 in the category Visual Arts Books

Publisher: Leica Gallery Prague o.p.s.
Graphic design: Zuzana Lednická, Studio Najbrt
Text: Aleš Kisil
Biography: Josef Moucha
Editor: Bohdan Chlíbec
Text translation: Robert Russell
Biography translation: Derek Paton
Format Size: 236 x 256 mm
Number of pages: 300
Cover: hardcover, buckram

Eva Fuka | Fabulation

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