Petr Kadlec | Czech Philharmonic 120th Season

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More than two hundred pages of extensive documentation of exceptionally emotive 120th season of the Czech Philharmonic by photographer Petr Kadlec first and foremost allows for the visual expression to flow freely while maintaining close attention to the representation of personalities and the dynamic life around the 130-headed body with dozens of concerts in the Rudolfinum and on international tours. Events, which seem to be constantly offering themselves to a saga or a series.

Petr Kadlec said about his photographic work in Czech Philharmony:

"I the year 2015, I was asked by the Czech Philharmonic to document its 120th season in photographs. It was a big challenge for me, as until then I had had no experience with photographing classical music. In addition to performances, I started photographing everything related to the Philharmonic; I was introduced to the orchestra’s environment and tried to get “under the surface” of people who played together in this large musical ensemble. I also wanted to capture the genius loci of the Rudolfinum – the place where, week after week, musical feasts take place in the form of concerts. Each is preceded by a days-long ordeal in the form of rehearsals and fine-tuning of the final version of the performance down to the smallest detail." 

Petr Kadlec | Czech Philharmonic 120th Season

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