Closed on Saturday

We are closed on Saturday September 25th 2021. We apologize for your  inconvenience

We are closed on September 4th, 2021

On Saturday Sept. 4th we are exceptionally closed due to a photographic workshop, taking place in Leica Gallery Prague. Thank you for your understanding.

We extend opening hours again

We change the opening hours of Leica Gallery Prague since September 1st. On weekdays, it will be open from 10 pm to 8pm. On weekends and holidays you can visit our gallery, café and bookstore from 11 am to 6 pm. We look forward to your visit!


Summer exhibition: TRAMPS by Libor Fojtík

Summer exhibition: TRAMPS by Libor Fojtík

The photography collection is an homage to all were and stayed young, had wanderlust in their hearts and were drawn to sleeping under the stars. Regardless of whether they called themselves tramps, woodcrafters, wanderers, vagrants, cowboys or whether they eventually fastened a satellite to their roofs, they all became a part of almost exclusively Czechoslovak phenomenon of tramping, which is considered to be Czechia’s largest subculture. More info

Botanical portraits in our café

The Canadian photographer Anne Mason-Hoerter has been exhibiting her BOTANICAL PORTRAITS in Leica Gallery Café. She said about this project:

“My present photographic work, I feel, is a modern form of collage in which my work process involves the adding and subtracting of data layers from my scanner and my Leica D-Lux 4. The combination of different levels of transparency does not solely give a final, surreal imagery composition but also results in each final image becoming an original. Similar to nature’s configurations.
Some of my final photographs consist of over 70 single images in total.My continual project on Garden plants is something that I have been working on for the last six years. My main desire is to create one single image of each plant species and technically ‘freeze’ that first, extraordinary moment in which I saw that plant.
To stop time.”

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New exhibition: The Whisperers

New exhibition: The Whisperers

The Polish photographer Kuba Kamiński (*1985) repeatedly returns to Polish Podlesi and to Belarus where he immortalizes the life and work of local healers that call themselves “the whisperers”. Kamiński worked as a war photoreporter for a number of years and this collection of photographs is among one of his most personal projects. The series of black and white photos that combine reportage approach with visual symbolism won second place in The Best of Photojournalism competition and the Polish Grand Press Photo prize.

Jizerska 50 ready to start

Exhibition JIZERSKA 50 | VISIONS OF SIX should have opened on Thursday January 14th, just one month before the start of the 54th Jizerska 50. However, due to the Corona-related restrictions the opening will have to be postponed. Nevertheless, we have prepared it for you and we look forward to presenting it to the public soon. You can find more about the exhibition HERE.

We have to close again

Since December 24, 2020 we have to close our gallery and café due to anti-covid government measures. Sorry for your inconvenience!

We open again on December 3rd

Since December 3rd we have been open. There is a new exhibition waiting for visitors in the gallery. Come and enjoy the project AMONG US PEOPLE, which recalls to 90th anniversary of birth of  photographer Milon Novotny.

Gallery temporarily closed

We are temporarily closed

Due to anti-covid government measures we have to be closed from October 14, 2020. We are sorry for your inconvenience!


We are pleased to announce, that we will be open again – you can visit Leica Gallery Prague and see the new exhibition “My father Antonin Kratochvil” since May 11th, 2020. Looking forward to see you!


You can see the exhibition called “Paris, etc.” made by Michael W. Pospisil since May 11th in our café. It is a part of a wider project “Prague, Paris, etc…” presented at the same time in the French Institute Prague. The exhibition will be held up to September 7th, 2020.