Edition 100

Edition 100 is a unique project of Leica Gallery Prague that offers photographs by exclusively Czech and Slovak AUTHORS in a limited edition.

Every photograph is numbered and signed by the author.

Individual photos have an issue of 100 pieces, which cannot be exceeded in the given format.

Sizes and prices of the photos are not uniform. The listed sizes are sizes of the motifs.

The photographs are produced by the Thalia Picta company. They are printed by an exposure processing apparatus Océ LightJet. It involves a digital photographic exposure to photographic paper as at analog manufacturing. It is not inkjet printing.

Type of paper: Kodak Endura matt.

How to buy|order:
1. You can buy some photo directly at Leica Gallery Prague. Most of the photos are available for instant delivery. When ordered, the waiting period is 3 to 5 days.
2. You can order all photos via email or phone call (+420 702 011 893) with delivery by mail, the waitting period is max 14 day. Further information and orders are to be forwarded to Mrs. Ivana Kubickova (see e-mail and telephone contact above).

1. Cash
2. Credit card
3. Bank transfer before delivery

I would like to receive the latest information on e-mail.