19. 7. 2002 - 30. 8. 2002

The supreme Burgrave’s House of Prague Castle

Gallery Peggy Sirota

Peggy Sirota

Originally, Peggy Sirota got known as a nonconformist chronicler in the world  of international stars and people from „High Society“. Her portraits find way not only to front pages of magazines such as the Rolling StoneVanity Fair or Time Magazine. Her fashion photographs and work for renowned companies, among which belong Adidas, Coca-Cola or Mercedes-Benz, redounded to the fact that Sirota can number among the peak of U.S. advertising photography. In the „Guess Who“ series  of portraits, which have been introduced by the Leica Gallery Prague in conjunction with the Stern magazine, she sets out on quite a new path. She stages stars such  as Brad Pitt, John Travolta, Mia Farrow or Harrison Ford, into mysterious poses, raising in the observer a question as to the real identity of the people displayed. For, who would suspect, in a litter bag lying on the edge of the street, Janet Jackson,  who would recognize that this is John McEnroe, who has hidden his liking behind   a mask of a hen? All in all 95 exhibited works come from a cycle for which Sirota – within the framework of a generously taken benefit action, dedicated to „AIDS Project Los Angeles“ – portrayed more than 170 stars from the cinema sphere, music scene, culture and sport. Those – often disguised beyond recognition – suppress their own known image, and precisely thanks to that they often, in view of the observers, fully unmask  their genuine  „ego“.