18. 6. 2019 - 9. 9. 2019

Presentation of photographs in Leica Gallery Café

Czechia for Czech People

Who are we and what shapes us? We, Czechs, like discussing politics in a pub with a mug of beer which tastes so good with ‘svíčková’ and dumplings or with good smoked meats. At weekends, we like going out to the cottage and do some barbecue and, of course, mushroom picking. We have the best hockey in the world; we are in the first place in oilseed rape growing, and the ‘golden Czech hands’ can do anything. At Christmas, Czech carps from Czech ponds are a must and on New Year’s Eve, there must always be a special open-face sandwich. And all of this is washed down with beer – yes, a Pilsner, of course. A real Czech ‘Turkish coffee’ is the culmination of an exotic experience. Sometimes, we recall ‘Father Masaryk’ and the First Republic. Yes, everything was better at that time; people were better; beer cost less and we loved each other much more. And all above that, there is the Czechia for Czech People slogan (which is so much popular with right-wing extremists) which stands for that we definitely do not want to share Czechia with anyone!

In my set of photographs, I reflect on the Czech society in an ironic, funny and visually transparent way. It is not about criticism or evaluation because I am part of that society, too! I show what we are like only through the unofficial national symbols and stereotypes which define us. My objective was to create a visual essence of ‘being Czech’ or a promo for the Czech society. All of this with humour and easiness – after all, it is another national symbol of Czechs that we like making fun of ourselves.

Daniel Hušták

Daniel Hustak (* 1990)

I studied photography at the Vocational Training School of Services in Prague-Vysočany under the guidance of Doc. Aleš Kuneš. After graduation, I started studying at the Institute of Creative Photography of Silesian University in Opava where I am about to complete my Master’s degree programme. I have been working as a teacher of photography at SŠ-COPTH, for the students of Photography. Besides teaching, I am also involved in minor photography works for various customers.

My production is hard to categorise in a specific genre, but I always seek to work with straightforwardness and transparency of photographs and with a pure visual form. I like playing with absurd topics about us, Czechs.

My works have been displayed at various venues, e.g. at the Festival of Photography in Blatná, in the House of Arts in Opava or at the PraguePhoto exhibition.