Discussion with Jiří Hanke

26. 9. 2011
The discussion with Jiří Hanke takes place on Monday September 26, 2011 at 7 pm in Leica Gallery Prague. The anchorman of the discussion will be prof. Vladimír Birgus.

For the latest exhibition Hanke has chosen, together with the exhibition curator Vladimír Birgus, photographs across his photographic collections, in many cases not published till this time, created between 1980 to 1990 exclusively in Kladno, his native town, where Jiří Hanke lives, and to which he dedicated most of his photographic work.

J. Hanke was born in Kladno, April 15th 1944. He graduated from the Kladno Grammar School and in 1962 he commenced work at the Kladno branch of the State Savings Bank. During his compulsory military service he first published his photographs. At that time he performed as a singer /songwriter of protest songs. In 1977 Hanke started his Small Gallery in the premises of the then State Savings Bank, gradually the dramaturgy oriented exclusively on photography. He lives in Kladno, his wife Jiřina Hankeová is the photographer and the artist.

More about the exhibition "Kladno – the 80's" can be found HERE

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