Krzysztof Miller

Breakthrough and conflicts

8. 11. 2019 — 12. 1. 2020
A selection of the best photographs of Polish documentary photographer Krzystof Miller recollects the iconic moments of 1989 amid the turmoil of transformation in Central Europe. The second part showcases the locations where revolutions or conflicts went on in the coming decades with Krzysztof Miller continuing his untiring efforts to capture these events.

It’s 1989. The Eastern Bloc is crumbling. Krzysztof Miller, at the time a young photographer later to become a world renown Polish photo reporter, captures the demonstrations and changes in Poland, Prague’s Velvet revolution and a bloody end of a regime in Romania. Miller spent the next fifteen years in places torn by war conflicts ranging from ex-Yugoslavia, Chechnya, Kurdistan to Zaire and Congo. The exhibition presents a cross-section
of his best shots of the iconic moments of 1989 that took place in central Europe; they serve as a reminder of the fall of Communism thirty years ago. The second part of the exhibit is focused on places where revolutions or conflicts are still taking place up to date, be it Sudan or Afghanistan. It paints people’s lives through the lens of revolution. 

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