Jiří Turek

Fashion & ...

5. 6. — 31. 8. 2008

Jiří Turek has created photo portraits of the Rolling Stones, David Bowie, Luciano Pavarotti, Lou Reed, Sting and others. Turek collaborates with prestigious world´s magazines; his photos appear on cover pages, in fashion editorials and his photo portraits are part of important interview. His free- style works are directly linked with report-making style and black and white photography. He focuses on various ´forgotten´ techniques, especially the lightprints technology. He worked and lived in New York from 2002 to 2006. ´ New York is the craziest city I´ve ever known. It is a city that nobody welcomes. It is a city that devours you if you don´t follow its rules precisely. Yet, it is also a mirror. A mirror that shows you who you are, how much you can bear, where you belong and what you deserve.´ Jiří Turek crowned his New York´s stay with an exhibition held in the prestigious Leica Gallery New York.

Jiří Turek is represented by Leica Gallery Prague. More about him can be found under reference PHOTOGRAPHERS

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