23. 6. 2014

Discussion with Felix Lupa, a leading figure in contemporary Israeli reportage, documentary and „street photography“. The discussion will be leaded by doc. Filip Láb from the Charles University in Prague.


The discussion is held in English.
Starts at 6 pm.
Registration needed: lgp@lgp.cz
Entrance free.


* born 1972  in the Ukraine, the USSR. At the age of 6 migrated to Israel.
– leading figure in contemporary Israeli reportage and documentary photography
– an outstanding exponent of ‘street photography’
– works with many major Israeli dailies and periodicals and received numerous awards
– lives and works in Tel Aviv

“I was acquainted with photography at a very early age, as my father used to develop and print his pictures at home. At the age of 24 with quite a mileage in photography   I decided to register in a photography school. On graduating I was straight away recruited as an instructor in the same school. After a year in that job I decided to go out to explore the world in the company of my camera. For five years I visited and worked in   a number of countries.”

Worked as instructor of  B&W laboratory work at the  “Creative Photography” School, in Tel Aviv.

Established- with a Dutch partner- a fashion photography studio in Milano, Italy and did work for leading fashion agencies in Italy.

Travelled in the Far East, Cuba, Middle East, and Europe, taking photographs and publishing occasionally in magazines. At that period I was registered with the Grazia Nerri agency in Italy.

2004-up to now:
Documentary street photographer, and a free-lance reporter, teacher of photography, lecturer. Documents the life of fringe people, by stills, video, and in writing through several long term projects. Does photography work for Israeli papers, weekly supplements, and television programs, all the while engaged in special private projects.
Photographs and writes a weekly personal column for the internet photography magazine ” Composizia”. Contributes photography works and articles to magazines and newspapers in Israel and abroad, such as: Private, France; Connessomagazine, Italy; La Republica, Italy; Best Looking Magazine, Italy; Maarive Sofshavua, Israel; The Marker, Israel; Contact Magazine, Israel; Teva hadvarim (The nature of things), Israel; Masa Akher (Another Journey), Israel; Time Out, Israel; New Street Photographer’s Manifesto Book, USA, UK.


2008 – “Local Testimony”, Photographs published in the Israeli Press. Tel Aviv. Winner of 1st prize in the category “Series of the year”,
2009 – “Local Testimony”, 1st and 2nd prizes in the category of social photography
2011 – “Zoom – in poverty”, CHINA
2012- “From distant streets” hertz galerie – USA (with “in-public” members)
2012 – “ISRAELI – JAPANIESE moments” – shibuya, TOKYO JAPAN
2012 – “Local testimony” – 1st place
2012 – Citerna, Italy – “Dwellers of the magic car”.
2013 – “Local testimony” – 1st prize for best serie
2013 – “portrait #2” – Beit berl

Projects of interest published recently:
* The Magic Car, the story of two homeless people, one elderly and the other blind  (In Ynet, and Connessomagaazine).
*The Zula, six-month documentation of a group of homeless who conducted communal life in a derelict, abandoned, house in the center of Tel Aviv. Published in Maariv’s Sof Shavua, Ynet, Private-France.
* Narcomania – a six month’s documentation of a burned, half ruined, factory structure, near the site of the previous central bus station of Tel Aviv, abandoned and taken over by groups of drug addicts. La Republica, Italy.
* The prostitutes’ uprising, Maariv Sof-Shavua.
* Prostitutes against the suggested law for the “Incrimination of Clients”. The Oshrat Kotler Saturday News program, Channel 10.