28. 5. 2010 - 27. 8. 2010

A display of the winning works of the fifth year of the international photography competition FRAME for professional photographers and Schools of Photography students from the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary and Slovakia took place in the Leica Gallery Prague. The objective of this competition is to provide the creators with space for their free creation, in which they have an opportunity to express themselves on themes determined by the given competition categories.

Author's gallery

FRAME 009 included in total 11 portfolios; 3   winning portfolios were exhibited in each of the three categories and, in addition, two other ones were seen, which had been added to the winning portfolios by the quinary jury.  Honoured photography portfolios of authors placed in the first three places in three competition categories: Show, Relationship, and In, will be shown.

Thus, in the “Show” category you will be able to view works of Jakub Jurdič, Jitka Horázná and Tereza Vlčková. In the “Relationship” category it was Jiří Zykmund, Martin Wágner, and the couple Jakub Skokan and Martin Tůma, who succeeded with their works. In the third category named “In” the winners´ rostrum was taken by Libor Fojtík, the couple Juliana Křížová with Jakub Vlček, and Marek Pavala. The whole exposition was variegated by two other photography portfolios which were recommended by the jury to be added to the winning ones. It concerns works by Andrej Balco and Matěj Třešňák.