6. 1. 2011 - 6. 2. 2011

FRAME is an annual international photographic competition for professional photographers and students of schools of photography from The Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary. The results of the FRAME 010 competition were announced during the exhibition which opened on January 6, 2011 at the Leica Gallery in Prague. Starting this year, the Leica Gallery Prague will on an annual basis grant a special prize to one of the competitors allowing the winner to present his work on the gallery’s web site and also receive a financial award. Such an award went this year to Petr Willert.

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The FRAME exhibition changes its expression every year. The competition categories, the judges, and especially the quality of the works presented are major factors in the outcome of a competition of which the goal is to assist with the reflection and presentation of photography, its trends and culture within the Central European circles. The competition was founded in 2005 by Ondřej Žižka and Evžen Sobek. It is organized by the FOTOGRAFIKS company, the Association for the Overlapping Photographs, MIMO, and the photographic group JASAN, together with sponsor support.
The sixth annual international competition called FRAME, with its categories called “God” – “Classic” – “Holiday”, called upon young professional artists and students from the Visegrad Four countries. Overall, 77 photographers with 97 portfolios enrolled, and the Czech Republic had the largest representation percentage.
The thematic framework of the competition provides surprising comparisons of intellectual and visual solutions for individual artists. At the same time it is clear that each category and its theme are hiding far more complex issues.
The collections in the category called “Classics” showed the strongest interconnection of thought and imagination. Martin Tůma with his performance of a conceptually coherent landscape and Kamila Musilová with her collection of portrait installations. Two collections were awarded third place, the family snapshots from Lucie Pištorová and the imaginary self-portrait from Jakub Jurdič.
Petra Hajduchová’s contemplative photography,  Lukasz Pieńkowsky’s poetic corners of the monastery, and Tomáš Trojan’s Spanish temperament within the experience of faith and life work were winning collections in the category called “God” that became, with regard to the subject, a strong symbol of the figurative language. The category “Holiday” had the smallest representation and only two prizes were awarded; one to Milan Bureš for the ironic “trampling” of the fine arts field and the other to Rafal Sidersky for his documentary from the environment around the wrestling community.
A large thanks goes to the jury which was represented by Jana Hojstričová, Lucie L. Fišerová, Josef Moucha, Tomáš Pospěch and Miroslav Vojtěchovský this year.

Vendula Juřicová, exhibition curator

The results of FRAME010 competition

Category God
1. prize – Łukas Pieńkowski
2. prize – Petra Hajdůchová
3. prize – Tomáš Trojan
In the Shadow of the Dog

Category Clasics
1. prize – Martin Tůma
Aesthetic Action
2. prize – Kamila Musilová
Grandfather and Grandmother
3. prize – Jakub Jurdič
3. prize – Lucie Pištorová
A Moment

Category Recreation
1. prize – Milan Bureš
Time Travel
2. prize – Rafal Siderski
Do or Die

Special Leica Gallery Prague Prize:
Petr Willert won the competition for files called „In front of the House“ and “A house that is spic and span is a home to a tireless housewife“.