16. 11. 2012 - 21. 12. 2012

Leica Gallery Prague in co-operation with Centre tchèque de Paris,18 rue Bonaparte, Paris, organizes the exhibition of Václav Jirásek’s photographs. Opening hours: Tue–Sat: 1–6 p.m. | Wed: 1–8 p.m.



These works touch upon the highly compelling theme of the disappearance of these “cathedrals of labour”, symbols of progress since the early 19th century, which later, in the ideology and propaganda of the Communist regime played a particularly significant, if nevertheless
ambiguous, role. Within the process of their present metamorphoses, we can quite clearly discern, in addition, the depth of the changes that have occurred since Communism’s fall in 1989. The deserted spaces of manufacturing halls remain, to this day, evidence of the environmental devastation caused by their industrial production, yet as well bear forth traces of the need, at least to some degree, to render these life-threatening working environments a sense of humanity. Vaclav Jirasek strives to underscore the monumentality of industrial buildings, as a reflection of humanity’s ability to reach for the very bounds of the human dimensions, yet at the same time not to avoid depicting the negative aspects of this process.
Petr Nedoma

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