13. 1. 2012 - 4. 3. 2012


Photographs from the opening of the exhibition

The FRAME competition is open to the Visegrad Four, thus to the citizens and residents of the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland. It offers unlimited freedom to free art in the broadest spectrum from realism through visual-art imagination to conceptual creation. The promoters refrained from putting up various thematic topics in the FRAME011. New organization and a completely new jury guarantees a fresh approach to this year’s competition. The finalists were chosen by the jury from 104 artists of all the V4 countries (approximately two thirds of the 137 consignments were of Czech origin). An integrated testimony of intense images always demand attention. For this Jan Grombiřík won the third prize.

FRAME mainly attracts university students and young professionals.Therefore its typical installations, arrangements and concepts are visually similar other (inter) national exhibitions by school of photography. There is no lack of craftsmanship, Akos Czigany double scores with that. The organizers would be interested in opening up the competition to a greater number of more mature photographers. In place of one-off projects we would wish for the younger generations a more sustained and committed approach to their lifelong art. For it is only in the longer view with the benefit of hindsight, that shift in contemporary sensitivity clearly shine. The unbelievably varied world of digitally processed images with it’s sophisticated technologies of varnishing invokes in us the need to return to the classical approach. This is the main prize Anna Gutová and Gabriel Frágner.

Josef Moucha


1st prize:
Gabriel Fragner a Anna Gutová – I love my family

2nd prize:
Akos Czigany–Skies, hommage à Hiroshi Sugimoto

3rd prize:
Jan Grombiřík – Annunciation

Paweł Fabjański – Autofire
Anna Grzelewska – Julia Wannabe
Dagmar Vyhnálková –Heart on Fire

Special prize of Leica Gallery Prague:
Akos Czigany–Skies, hommage à Hiroshi Sugimoto