Michael W. Pospíšil

Paris, etc...

17. 3. 2020 - 21. 4. 2020

Presentation of photographes in Leica Gallery Café


Michael Wellner-Pospíšil

Paris, etc...

Michael sees more than most people. His photographs of hidden corners of the city, patterns on flaking walls, fleeting encounters in bars and cafés, multiple street scenes reflected in windows, or seemingly ordinary objects and things that we pass without noticing possess not only unquestioned artistic value, but also provide the viewer with room for personal interpretation. Although Pospíšil does not deny his education as a documentary filmmaker nor his experience with humanist photojournalism, some of his images are quite abstract. Pospíšil’s photographs can also be described as distinctive journal entries through which he has found a way of sharing his worldly experiences. This unique book of distinctive color and black-and-white photographs also features an interview with their equally remarkable and distinctive creator.        (Prof. Vladimír Birgus)