Karin Mack

Under the Lids

26. 11. 2021 - 9. 1. 2022

Karin Mack is an exceptional Austrian photographer who began analysing her own life situation and image in the early 1970s. The focal point of her photographic journey is the quest to find the unique yet versatile essence of oneself.

Pod víčky

With a degree of irony Mack’s work calls back to the stereotypes of city life and transforms them into her own novel imagery. The stereotypes of women’s drab and mechanical chores are critiqued and through photographic construction and deconstruction Mack demonstrates the end of an illusion of women’s harmonious subservience, and the act of liberation from it. The exhibition will showcase a range of thematic, mostly autoportrait, collections from 1970s and 1980s, as well as recent work from the last decade which resonates with themes of age and care. In this way, the Leica Gallery Prague exhibition of Karin Mack’s work will introduce viewers to the Austrian photographer’s art in a wide temporal and thematic range.

Anna Vartecka, Vendula Fremlova, curators