5. 11. 2019 - 13. 1. 2020

Presentation of photographs in Leica Gallery Café

Exhibition opening

Michel Arthur Martin

M. A. Martin got into making photographs at the age of ten. To this day, he has always stuck to film photography in medium format for shooting, and then finalises his pictures himself on a digital printer.
Along with creating several photo workshops in various places, he has been involved in running two such clubs in his region for many years now.

Yearning for solitude

He was born and grew up in the north of France, a land with open horizons, a land of wind and cloudy overcast skies. This territory left its mark very early on his childhood which he lived close to nature.
It is from this very Nature that Michel Arthur draws his inspiration, in search of bewitching atmospheres and unique lights.
He tries to capture the essence and the poetry of those large spaces devoid of human presence,the emotion of those suspended moments, the dreamlike character of lands of shadow and light.