The photographer Daniel Šperl is represented by Leica Gallery Prague.

Daniel Šperl was born April 12, 1966 in Tabor. He currently lives and works in Prague. From 1986 to 1990, he studied at the Institute for Creative Photography of the Union of Czech Photographers.

In 1991, he began photography studies at Academy of Performing Arts (FAMU), Department of Still Photography in Prague, initially part-time and then full-time beginning in 1993. He spent a part of studies in France and in Japan at the invitation of the Japanese Photographic Association. He completed his M.F.A. degree at FAMU in 1999, where he is now preparing his doctoral thesis. He has had extensive stays in the US from 2000 to 2004. The Leica Gallery Prague, who he works closely with, has represented him for several years. He also works as a freelance cameraman.
Daniel Šperl specializes in black and white and documentary photography, and publishes at home and abroad.

Solo Exhibitions - selection

2007   Everyday Celebrations
Czech Center, Haag, Niederland

2007  …borderless
Czech Center Haag, Culturel Center Dank en Hoop Leimuiden, Netherlands

2007  Everyday Celebrations
Beseda Gallery – Ars Pragensis, Prague

2007  Seniors
Sušice Charity

2006  American Lifestyle
Artists Gallery, kino Art Cihlářská 19, Brno

2006   American Lifestyle
Školská 28, Communication space Prague

2006  American Lifestyle
Café Therapy, Školská Street, Prague

2006  Japanese Lifestyle
Tea room Školská Street, Prague

2006  Everyday Celebrations
Aero Cinema, Prague

2006  American Lifestyle
Ivan Olbracht Theatre, Tábor

2006  Everyday Celebrations
Czech Center Tokyo, Japan

2005  Everyday Celebrations
Galerie auf der Pawlatsche, Vienna, Austria

2004  American Lifestyle
G7 Gallery,Ostrava

2004  …borderless
Town Hall, Strmilov

2004  …borderless
Elementary School Chodov, Prague

2004  Japanese Lifestyle
Cafe Orange, Prague

2004  French Lifestyle
Cafe Samsa, Prague

2003  Everyday Celebrations
Oskar Nedbal Theater, Evarium Gallery, Tábor

2003  Our Seniors
Department Caritas Sušice, Volšovy Castel

2003  Everyday Celebrations
Fons Gallery, Pardubice

2003  …borderless
U Mloka Gallery, Olomouc

2002  …borderless
Alstra Gallery, Prague

2002  …borderless
Zvíkov Castle

2002  Refugees
In the cooperation of the Czech Helsin’s committee, Štvanice, Prague

2001  Coziness
Exhibited alongside art by people with disabilities, Dobra Trafika, Prague

2001  Everyday Celebrations
Long term presentation in Gema Company, Prague

2001  Japanese Lifestyle
Oskar Nedbal Theater, Tábor

2001  French Lifestyle
Gallery Pod kamennou žábou, České Budějovice

2000  Among Us
exhibited alongside art by people with disabilities, Jelení Gallery, Prague

1999  Japanese Lifestyle
Interkamera 99 Exhibition, Prague

1999  Everyday Celebrations
Moravian Gallery, Brno

1999  French Lifestyle
French Culture Festival, Oskar Nedbal Theater,Tábor

1999  Japanese Lifestyle
Pod Věží Gallery, Bílina

1999  Everyday Celebrations
RH Bar, Žihle

1998  Japanese Lifestyle
Miyabi Restaurant, Prague

1998  French Lifestyle
Aero Cinema, Prague

1998  Japanese Lifestyle
Hvězda Cinema, Uherské Hradistě

1998  The Alphabet of Life
M.F.A. degree project, FAMU, Prague

1998  With Foma in Japan
Foma Gallery, Hradec Králové

1998  Japanese Lifestyle
Žlutá Ponorka, Znojmo

1997  French Lifestyle
Theatre Oskar Nedbal, Tábor

1996   Joy in Rozkvet
Šternberk Gallery

1996  There were Five of You, or Attempt at a Self-Portrait
Hermit Gallery, Prague

1993  One Day in the Life of a Police Horse
FAMU, Prague

1992  Police Academy
Oskar Nedbal Theater, Tábor

1992  Police Academy
FAMU, Prague

1990  Prague 1989
Senior project (book), Institute of Creative Photography, unique copy

Group Exhibitions - selection

2007  Nights in the Train Stations
Theatre photography, with Yoshimi Yokoyama, Central Station, Prague

2006   …borderless
Písecká brána, Prague

2006  In Honour of František Kupka
Opočno castle

2006  Nezapomenutelní absolventi

ŠVF Brno a IVF SČF, Opava

 It Is Stil Me
Ambit Gallery, Jungmanovo náměstí, Prague

2005  East-West

High School Sternberk

2005  Czech Photography of 20. Century

Town Library Prague

Portheimka Gallery, Prague

2004  What You Need to Know about Czech Republic

Ministry of Exterior, Czech Republic

   From the Margin to the Center
C. K. Solnice Gallery, České Budějovice

1998   Objectivity
Gallery U Řečických, Prague

1998  Everyday Celebrations

With J. Štreit, A. Dvořáková and V. Fischer, Plasy Monastery

1998  50 Years of Communist Devastation
Benedictine Monastery, Rajhrad

1998  Hidden Treasures / Liturgical Year
Zvíkov Castle

1998  Everyday Celebrations
with J. Štreit, A. Dvořáková and V. Fischer, Zvíkov Castle

1998  Our World
Portheimka Gallery, Prague

1998  M.F.A. degree project
Richters‘ House, Prague

1998  Exhibition of Art
to support ICN, a Czech non-profit organization, Golem

1997  Workshop with Jindřich Štreit
Galéria K-91, Košice, Slovakia

1997  25 + 5
Institute of Creative Photography, National Technical Museum, Prague

1997  Near The Beginning
International Artist Symposium, Plasy Monastery

1997  Around the Center
with I. Hlavinka, J. Melzer and J. Zoubek, Malostranská Beseda Gallery, Prague

1997  Hidden Treasures – Liturgical Year
Art House, Brno

1996   Workshop with Jindřich Š
Summer Film School, Uherské Hradistě

1996  Never-ending Opening
Hermit Gallery, Prague

1996  25 + 5
Institute of Creative Photography, Poznaň, Poland

1996  25 + 5
Institute of Creative Photography, Štětín, Poland

1996  Graduate Student Final Exhibition, Academy of Performing Arts (FAMU)
Palác Lažanských, Praha

1996  Urban Obscenities
Exhibit together with Andrew Hersher, Praha

199525 + 5
Institute of Creative Photography, Opava

1995  25 + 5
Institute of Creative Photography, Ostrava

1995  25 + 5
Institute of Creative Photography, Cheb

1994   People from Olomouc County
With Jindřich Štreit and Libuše Rudinská, Medlov

1994  People from Olomouc County
With Jindřich Štreit and Libuše Rudinská, Horní Loděnice


Everyday Celebrations, KANT Publisher, 2003

…borderless, Non Profit Organization Dagda, 2001