19. 3. 2020

Antonín Kratochvíl (born 12. 4. 1947 in Lovosice) is a portrait and war reportage photographer who gained international recognition with his black and white photography style that continues to inspire new generations of artists all around the world – a style based in contrasts, light and shadow play and decomposition. Amongst his other awards, he won the World Press Photo four times and is amongst the one hundred most influential figures of world photography according to the American Photo journal.

Antonín Kratochvíl emigrated from Czechoslovakia in 1967 and first met his at the time of leaving unborn son Michael after nineteen long years. It is the journey towards mending a father-son relationship that is the backbone of Andrea Sedláčková’s feature documentary “My Father Antonín Kratochvíl”. Antonín and Michael, now also a photographer, independently captured their journey throughout the documentary shoot and they present the final work at a joint exhibition.