Honza Sakař

Born in 1979 in Karlovy Vary, studied at the Faculty of Education of the University of South Bohemia. Lives in Prague and is currently in the third year of the Bachelor‘s degree of Creative Photography at the Institute of Creative Photography in Opava. His main focus lies in portraiture and documentary photography with the occasional landscape when travelling. Most of his work is done in black & white by both analogue and digital methods, preferrably using largeformat cameras and antique photographic processes. These interests combined led him to open his own wet plate collodion portrait studio in Prague earlier this year

2016 - Praha, Gulzan Concept Store & Gallery (Scotlandscapes, large formats)
2016 - Prague, Gallery "Art of Bathrooms” (Éter a inkoust, series of large formats portraits)
2015 - Prague, Leica Gallery Café (Silent Portraits)
2015 - Prague, Cafe Frida (Tìr: large formats from northern Scotland)
2015 - Prague, gallery Analogue (Kolodioskopie)
2011 - Prague, café Souterrain (Ksichti v suterénu)

2015 - Blatná, Blatenský fotofestival - 10th volume (Tìr: large formats from northern Scotland)
2014 - Ostrava, Jiří Myron Theatre (Still Life?, presentation of students from Silesian Univesity - The Institute of Creative Photography)
2008 - Prague, café Lalibela (Nudes, with Karel Richtr)
2007 - České Budějovice, Kotva cinema, Fotojatka festival (Ukrainian orphanage)
2006 - Vyškov, Museum of Vyškovsko (Children of Zálučí)
2005 - Dobřichovice castle (Children of Zálučí)

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