6. 5. 2011 - 12. 6. 2011

Exhibited photographs

Photos from the exhibition opening in LGP

The instalation of exhibition in the public space

Photographs from the creative workshop


The Leica Gallery Prague prepared an unusual presentation of Jiří Turek photographs in the free space named cityLAB.

The European metropolises are presented in big enlargements on all sorts of areas right in the streets of the capital of Prague. In this way, the town districts  “transform” into individual metropolises of Europe. For example Kampa become Venice, Old Town is going to be Paris… The towns are depicted in an emotive way by Turek´s own pencil. The photos have a strong emotive charge capturing the atmosphere and inhabitants of the world metropolises. They renounce mere mapping of typical places and buildings, they get rid of usual clichés.

The photos were accompanied by extracts from selected proses of individual states in their own language, in Czech and English in parallel. The interconnection of word and picture was supposed to bring near the diversity of cultures of the individual states as much as possible.

The exhibition in the public space was accompanied by 2 exhibitions in stone buildings – the first one in the domiciliary Leica Gallery Prague in Školská ulice 28 and the second one on the exhibition premises of the Czech Centres in Rytířská ulice.

JIŘÍ TUREK is represented by Leica Gallery Prague. More about him can be found under the reference Photographers.

The exhibition in the public space

Curator of the exhibition:

Jiří Langpaul

Duration of the exhibition in the free space:
up to July 15 2011

Where can you find  Jiří Turek’s photographs in the free space:

Prague 1, Loretánská street – photos of Prague

Prague 1, Dvořákovo nábřeží (embankment) – photos of Paris

Prague 1, Alšovo nábřeží (embankment) – photos of Lisbon

Prague 1, Malostranské nábřeží (embankment) – photos of Rome, Venice, Firenze

Prague 1, U starého hřbitova – photos of Krakow

Prague 1, Nový Svět – photos of Barcelona

Prague 2, Náměstí Míru – photos of Vienna

Prague 2, Tylovo náměstí – photos of London

Prague 2, Rašínovo nábřeží (embankment) – photos of Hamburg

Prague 3, Žižkovský tunel – photos of Berlin

Prague 4, park at the Prague Congress Centre – photos of St.Petersburg

Prague 7, Jankovcova street – photos of Amsterdam

Partners of the project

The CityLAB project is supported by partners: TV Prima, Rádio Impuls (media partners) and  Czech Centres, Eunic, Česká Pojišťovna, Eclipse, MarkSimon, České dráhy, Jewish Museum in Prague, Správa Náplavky. The project is under the aegis of Foreign Secretary Karel Schwarzenberg, Minister of Culture of the CR Jiří Besser, Councillor of the Capital of Prague for the sphere of culture and tourist trade Lukáš Kaucký, and mayors of town districts of the capital – Oldřich Lomecký (Prague 1), Ing. Jiří Paluska (Prague 2), Ing. Vladislava Hujová (Prague 3), Ing. Pavel Horálek (Prague 4), Marek Ječmének (Prague 7). The partner of outdoor exhibition is the Capital of Prague.