18. 12. 2008 - 18. 1. 2009


FRAME is a photography competition held annually since 2005 for professional photographers and Schools of Photography students. The competition came into being in the Czech Republic with the intention to provide a platform for confrontation  of noncommercial authors´ creations, and since 2006 it has been opened  to photographers of the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland. The FRAME competition is always announced in three categories that reflect up-to-date social topics and at the same time they provide sufficient space for the use of all sorts  of photographic forms and genres. Within the three years of its continuation, of course, it has shaped as a competition of young authors and become a recognized place   for presentation of individual photographic vision of the world, as well as a means contributory to career rise. In the professional jury, so far, there have been sitting prominent curators, theorists and photographers from the Czech Republic, Hungary and Switzerland who have also accompanied the exhibition catalogues by their wording. The announcement of the competition results and the inaugural exhibition  of the honoured works take always place in December in the City of Brno House  of Arts in Brno. In 2008, for reasons of the City of Brno House of Arts reconstruction, the gala announcement of the results was transferred to the Leica Gallery Prague.  The portfolio of the winning works is further presented at several individual exhibitions in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary during the year.


kategory: LOVE
1st price: Tereza Vlčková – Bez názvu
2nd price: Vendula Knoppová – Tři

kategory: IDENTITY
1st price: Petra Malá – A ona řekla dyt se dívá
2nd price: Martin Tůma – Limbus
3rd price: Pavel Matela – Reunion of Strangers

kategory: POWER

1st price: Jakub Skokan – Lukáš
2nd price: Barbora Krejčová – Ponešová – Opustit Bystroušku


Barbora Krejčová – Opustit Bystroušku