5. 9. 2002 - 6. 10. 2002

The Supreme Burgrave’s House of the Prague Castle

Gallery Anton Corbijn

Anton Corbijn

Corbijn has founded a new scene of music photography with his motifs from the pop music scene – not pleasing at any price, however, straightforward and very personal photographs with a great magic power. Anton Corbijn, native Netherlander, takes photos of stars, becoming one in the process. B.B. King, David Bowie, Metallica, Depeche Mode, Tom Waits … a list of well-known names seems to be unceasing. Nevertheless, for Corbijn everything started so simply. At a concert in the open air, when he was seventeen, he took photos of a local band and the snapshots got published. A son of a pastor, he changed his former objective to become a missionary to an objective to become a photographer, left his home and pursued music bands on concert tours in order to take photographs of them. After some studies and an assistance to a photographer, he became independent in 1976 and worked mainly for the Oor pop magazine. In 1979 he moved to London and took photos, among others, for the Rolling Stone, Harpers Bazaar and Elle. At that time, his style was „almost documentary“ portraits (as he designated it himself).

In 1989, with his published book of photographs called Famouz, containing, among others, portraits of personalities such as  Tom Waits, Ry Cooder, Pete Tawnsend, Bono, Kate Bush  and David Bowie, until then as a secret type recommended Corbijn advanced to the position of the most desirable photographer of the music scene. Photo-publications Star Trek (1996) and Still Lives(1999) definitely made him a „creator of icons“ of the music and movie world.