The photographer Jiřina Hankeová is represented by Leica Gallery Prague.

She was born on October 12 1948 in Kladno. She has a wide extent  in her production, from drawing and painting, to poetry  and lyrics, to photography.

She took up photography during her secondary school studies, but eventually she found her creative expression mainly in drawing and painting. She already started to exhibit paintings and drawings in the ´70s. In the ´80s, she was strongly influenced by friendship with the Trasa group, especially by the work of Olbram Zoubek and Válová sisters.

In the ´90s, her activity expanded to lyrics that she wrote for her daughter Lucie´s music. She published several books of poetry: What to do with it, Chlorophyll people, Acrylic poetry, Other views, and Throw the Town Behind One´s Back.

At the turn of the century she again came back to photography without leaving her previous creative activities. She has exhibited her photographs at more than 30 separate exhibitions both in our country and abroad.


Banalities / Photographs from the years 2008–2012

Fifteen photographs from the series Banalities of Jiřina Hankeová are being presented at Leica Gallery Prague Café since Tuesday, 12 June, 2012.
Preview of those photographs is also available at this page (on the right). All photographs are for sale.


Smaller size: 22.5x30cm (motive), 29x36cm (paper) / edition of 5 / 8.000 CZK incl. VAT
Bigger size: 45x60cm (motive), 60x80cm (paper) / edition of 3 / 12.000 CZK incl. VAT
All photographs available in both sizes.
Archival pigment print on Fine Art Paper.
All images will be delivered mounted and signed.


Pavlína Pořízková
sales and foreign activity manager

+420 723 102 649

Solo Exhibitions


2012  Banalities, Leica Gallery Prague Café, Prague

2012 On the Road / Landscapes Along the Road (selection), UniCredit Bank Prague (presentation)

2011 Landscapes, Galerie Františka Drtikola, Příbram

2011 On the Road, Galerie Česká Lípa

2011 On the Road / Landscapes Along the Road (selection), UniCredit Bank, Prague

2011 Landscapes Along the Road, Národní muzeum fotografie, Jindřichův Hradec

2011 Behind the Mirror, Malá galerie České spořitelny Kladno

2010 Poem, Café Au Chat Noir, České Budějovice

2010 Cyclic Landscapes, Malá galerie České spořitelny, Kladno

2009 One Place, T.G. Masaryk Museum, Lány

2009 An Awkward Attempt at Autotherapy, Moon in the Day-Time Gallery, České Budějovice

2009 New Industrial, 5. biennial Industrial traces, Malá galerie České spořitelny, Kladno

2009 On the Road, Gallery GM, Pardubice

2008 Two Views (with Jiří Hanke), Lidická Gallery, Lidice

2008 Grasses, Klodski osrodek kultuty, Klodsko,PL

2008 Time Out, Malá galerie České spořitelny, Kladno

2007 An Awkward Attempt at Autotherapy, Why?, Gallery 4, Cheb

2007 Grasses, Malá galerie České spořitelny, Kladno

2007 Periphery (with Jiří Hanke), FOMA BOHEMIA Exhibition Hall, Hradec Králové

2006 An Awkward Attempt at Autotherapy, Prague House of Photography, Prague

2006 Light and Shape, Klub Koníček Ivana a Dagmar Havlových, Prague

2006 PETky, Malá galerie České spořitelny, Kladno

2006 PETky, Centrum FotoŠkoda, Prague

2006 An Awkward Attempt at Autotherapy, Central European House of Photography, (Stredoeurópský dom fotografie), Bratislava 

2005 It started quite innocently, Malá galerie Na Hradbách, Kolín

2005 Licht und Form, Galerie auf der Pawlatsche, Viena, AUT

2005 Pyramidal Country, Landscapes on the Way, Malá galerie České spořitelny, Kladno

2004 It started quite innocently, Malá galerie České spořitelny, Kladno

2004 To throw the town behind your back, Gallery KD 55, Kladno

2004 To throw the town behind your back, Monastery Skalka, Mníšek pod Brdy

2004 To throw the town behind your back, Gallery Samson-Café, T.G.M. Museum, Rakovník



2012 Collection of Lidice, new permanent exhibition, Lidická galerie, Lidice

2012 The Path of Light, final set of a triptych of exhibitions, Kolín

2011 Labirynth, Festiwal Nowej Sztuki, Festival der Neuen Kunst, Slubice-Frankfurt n.O.  

2010 Paris Photo, Louvre, Paříž

2010 Prague Photo, Výstavní síň Mánes, Praha

2009 Deep Secrets of Tao, Výstavní síň Pod věží, Třeboň

2008 Totalitarian Landscape, Hornický skanzen Mayrau, Vinařice u Kladna

2008 Infinity of Illusion, international multi-media exhibition, Nové Město nad Metují

2008 Not to Lose Sight of, joint exhibition of Czech and Polish photographers, Galeria Katowice

2008 Deep Secrets of Tao, Lidická galerie, Lidice

2007 Deep Secrets of Tao, Malá galerie České spořitelny, Kladno

2006 Self-portrait in Photography, Galerie Františka Drtikola, Příbram


Co s tím?  (What to do with it?), Příbram 2001

Acrylová poezie (Acrylic Poetry), Kladno 2002

Pohledy (Other Views), Kladno 2002

Chlorofyloví lidé (Chlorophyll People), Příbram 2003

Zahodit město za záda (Throw the Town Behind One´s Back), Příbram 2004

Trapný pokus o autoterapii (An Awkward Attempt at Autotherapy), 2009

Representation in Collection

Uměleckoprůmyslové museum (Museum of Decorative Arts) in Prague

Moravská galerie (Moravian Gallery) in Brno

Leica Gallery Prague

Lidická galerie (Lidice Gallery) Lidice

Private collections in the Czech Republic and abroad