Felix Lupa


20. 6. 2014 - 7. 9. 2014

Felix Lupa (b.1972) is a leading figure in contemporary Israeli reportage and documentary photography and an outstanding exponent of ‘street photography’. He describes his work as that of a ‘public eye’, not only capturing everyday scenes in a particular society and location but exposing and tackling head-on the social challenges that face us in today’s world.


Photographs from the installation

Photographs from the opening

“It was clear to me that photography was for me neither a hobby, nor a profession, but rather a way of life. I gained experience in a number of fields of photography, but soon enough I realized that I must focus on the field in which I was best, namely documenting people, their lives and their environment. I actually began to do street photography before I even knew there was such a genre. The way a street photographer thinks and acts, is quite like a hunter’s; the more experienced and accomplished he/she is, his distance from his object will tend to get shorter. His chief tool for capturing interesting situations in the street is his ability to surprise and his persistence in the face of failures. For my part, I use to go out in the street with just one camera and one lens, preferably ultra-wide. This obliges me to get as close as possible to the scene.
I dedicate myself to street photography in which I want to serve as a “public eye”, conveying to us messages of the street’s wisdom. These are multifaceted, complex messages in which the senses work powerfully conveying at high velocity the feeling of decisive moments of street and human life. The ability to see and connect with human situations is like a basic instinct, like breathing, and the public eye is the medium through which the artist expresses his particular point of view.”

This is the first solo exhibition of Lupa’s photography in the Czech Republic. Felix Lupa introduces his photographs from South Sudan, Cuba and Tel Aviv.

The exhibition is held in cooperation with Embassy of the State of Israel and Czech Centre in Tel Aviv.

All photographs are for sale.
Contact: Pavlina Porizkova, sales manager, pp@lgp.cz