27. 9. 2003 - 31. 12. 2003

The Supreme Burgrave´s house of the Prague Castle

Helmut Newton

Helmut Newton - the Instalation

Helmut Newton

Elegance, ecstasy and eccentrics, this all is hidden under the name of Helmut Newton, a name belonging to one of the most famous photographers and artists.

Although his works is worldwide known and illustrious, he doesn’t like to speak about himself in public and instead prefers to show his works. Helmut Newton was born in 1920. Only twelve years later he was enchanted by the photographic flash light. As a small boy, he bought himself for 3,50 marks the Zeiss Box Tengor photographic camera with a film inside and started enthusiastic to shoot pictures. At the age of 16 he decided to become a photographer.

He obtains his photographic education from the Berlin’s photographer Yve, who imparts special magic into her portraits, fashion and nude photography. The upcoming Second World War and the desire to make the photographs catapulted the young Newton into the far world, in 1938 to Singapore and then to Australia, where he fell in love and married June.

In 1957 he moved to Paris, the city of fashion, trends and vibrant life. “When I came to Paris, I told myself: This is it. This city is created for the life and photography. The street was living there. The life flowed on the boulevards, in cafés and restaurants. Everywhere seemed to be beautiful women.” Only there Newton was able to show his skill. He didn’t establish himself as a photo-reporter, but as a fashion photographer, he was a gift from heaven. The time of his provocative fashion series started. He established himself and began to work for the French magazine Vogue. Besides the most beautiful women in the world Helmut Newton has another passion as well: expensive, fast cars, which appear over and over again in his photographs. But in privacy the star stayed modest and drove only normal VW Golf. In 1975 his first exhibition was taking place in Paris’ gallery of Nikon. One year later he obtained the Art Directors Club Tokyo Award for the best photograph of the year.

From that time the worldwide boom of Helmut Newton’s photographs started. The models allowed him to give his pictures the needed elegance; he removed the “dirty image” of the Nudes. “Penetration is pornography. Nakedness is not pornographic.” Thanks to the series Big Nudes, Naked and Dressed and Domestic Nudes, he achieved the worldwide celebrity. Newton loves to take photographs of strong women. “I love dangerous women, not for fighting with them, but for my pictures”. He obtained many awards. In 1992 he even received the Meritorious Cross of Federal republic of Germany. Newton achieved in the correct meaning of the word gigantic success with his book Sumo, sized 50×70 cm, 480 pages and a weight of 30 kilograms. The edition of this giant book is worldwide limited to the amount of 1000 exemplars.